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Brandon Sawaya

Susan Sontag said "If photographs are our connection with the past, it's a very peculiar, fragile, sentimental connection."

These images, titled "Memorages" are in fact all moments in one day that I made a point to record. They are loaded with nostalgia for me, yet for anyone else they could have been their moments as well. I appreciate how these images leave the story out, and the audience could just as easily finish the history with their own imagination. These moments in-between define 'photography as memory' and change the way I think about events and how they really happened.

Memorages 1 - 5
Photo Transfers & Charcoal

This series called "Interior/Exterior" was very experimental. I really enjoy printing in layers and was satisfied with these particular sandwiches. The background scenes are cross-processed, medium format pictures of landscapes in British Columbia. The sepia images are drab indoor photographs that had little significance other than reminding me what it felt like to be at this house with windows blown out and wood dry and cracking. The combination surprised me with the first print and I had to continue. There became a subtle, beautiful sharing between these images. I consider these to be fictitious because of how hindsight is used. I look back and what I see is clear and obvious, but there is more behind that asks to be filtered and recognized. Which is fact?

Interior/Exterior 1 - 5
Red, Orange & Brown Photos
1st Printings

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