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Bruce Speakthunder Berry

Born in central Oregon and raised between his home town of Warm Springs, Or. and his mothers hometown Tacoma, Wa. Mr. Speakthunder aquired his family name from his great grandfather out of the ft. Belknap Reservation(Montana), who was not allowed to have an 'indian' name to go to battle in the great war era (later known as WW1).

George Speakthunder Sr. enlisted in the U.S. military to live out the warrriors' dream and go to battle as many of his anncestors did before him. At the time the U.S. militarys' strict segragation laws would not allow an 'indian' name on the roster for battle, as they were reluctant with inlistees who were not white. Fortunately there were loop-holes that would allow him to fight but they usually came with a price. On this occasion George Speakthunder Sr. would have to do the unthinkable, he would change his family name to see any action and officially be apart of the U.S. military. A decision that would affect his childrens childrens children.

Bruce 'Speakthunder' Berry was born of his father, Byron Wayne Berry, and his father George Berry jr., and his father George Berry Sr.... That is the story of the lost Speakthunder name.

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Hear no Evil Speak no Evil See no Evil totem

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Smiling Killer Whale

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The Stud Buck

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Prego Feathers

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Stoic Falcon

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Smiling Salmon

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Phoenix red and yellow

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Mohawk Eagle Red

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Sea Turtle Green

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Red and Oj Humming Bird

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