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Christopher J Olson

Beauty in Color

The paintings in this café were chosen to showcase recent and current themes of the artist. Iconic, self reflective imagery, and playful use of color are common themes for the artist. "I like to express myself with color. I like the juxtaposition of color to be explored by the viewer."

The artist would like to thank the owners of the Rosewood Café for this opportunity to present this work to the public.

If you would like to express any interest in the work being shown, please contact the artist. All the work is for sale unless otherwise noted. The artist accepts cash, check or money order and requires a contract to be signed on the sale date

Christopher J Olson

Chris received most of his training by experimentation and from the School of Visual Concepts located in Seattle. His style uses many different media ranging from watercolor, acrylic and linoleum print making techniques.

Most of his images display a bold and experimental use of color often finishing a piece in a single session. "I focus more on the emotional content of color with less emphasis on the subject in a lot of my work."

Mixed media
Man in the Hat
This picture is based on a painting by the famous artist, Hieronymus Bosch. It's actually been taken from a painting titled "Head of a Hailerdier". I found the man's facial expression inspiring enough to want to make a painting of it. Bosch's use of red and gold also had a lot to do with my inspiriation as well. I think my picture of the man has a more watchful or cautionary look about him while Bosch's is more melancholy.

Hand Printed
This was my first attempt at creating a linocut. Linocut (linoleum cut). The process is the same as wood cut, except that the surface employed is linoleum and not wood. The design was cut into a block of linoleum. Ink is then applied to the surface with a roller, paper is then laid on top, and a roller or spoon is used to imprint the design.

Rave Girl
Hand printed
Colors were layered from light to dark using a monotype technique and finished with painting in details with a brush. I've tried to keep the colors as strong as possible by allowing them to show through. I also tried to keep the image fresh and spontaneous by applying colors quickly, when they are still wet, allowing them to merge and form new colors.

Buddha in a Dream State
I created this image during my study of Asian art and philosophy. I've done many different images of buddha-like figures in many different media, but his one stands out to me as a simple interpretation of being in a calm, dream-like state of mind.

Inspired by Asian Art
Hand printed
These three prints were part of series of reliefs I made while doing research on the history of Asian art and philosophy. For monotype (relief print) the design is drawn with ink on a plate or sheet of glass, and is transferred to sheet of paper by running it through a press while the ink is still wet. The technique I use is a little different. I use acrylic paint in place of ink and a sheet of plastic instead of glass. The paint was rolled on to the surface in a basic square shape and I then used several different blunt, pointed objects to draw out the image. The image is then transferred to a sheet of paper by gently rubbing the back with a roller or spoon carefully leaving as much paint on the surface, giving it more texture than you'd get from using a press.

Acting as One
This painting was created to express my fascination for crows. I observed how they work together to accomplish simple tasks like scavenging for food or warning other of potential trouble. I know many people probably think of crows as ugly and display disgusting behavior, but I find a certain part of humanity in them that we all share; the need to work together.

Looking Outside Looking In
I chose to use the figure for this piece to express my love of color. I like this pose because I think it has an introspective look to it. While the nude invites us to look at what's on the outside, I think with this pose you might to try to guess what's going on inside.

With an arm over my shoulder
This seated pose was chosen for its impression of composure and steadiness. With the woman's arm bent over her shoulder, I think it tells the viewer that she is not afraid to reveal herself. Her strong gaze is not at the viewer but elsewhere, allowing the viewer to look without judgement.

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