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Kelsey Parkhurst

Art helps us empathize with others. The best art sticks with you a while and makes you see or think of something in a different way. I chose to paint everyday objects because I feel that we need to pay more attention to what we do everyday. It is important for out daily routine to have thought and meaning. By painting objects that are involved with chores and routine highlights that portion of our lives.

I have been interested in infusing the everyday with art for several years. In college, I fist thought I was going to be an industrial designer. I think it was the whole idea of creating, let's say, a toothbrush with the same meaning as Van Gogh's "Starry Night." I longed to take art concepts and apply them to everyday objects. I instead did the opposite, I made everyday objects the subject of my art.

I feel it is little thinks that really matter. Having a painting of your favorite tennis shoes on your wall is a reminder that your old shoes are special. And if something like old shoes are seen as special then it is easier to see other things, like making a sandwich or walking your dog as special as well.

A Still Life
Acrylic on Canvas

My Old House - Revisited
Acrylic on Canvas

The Writer
Acrylic on Canvas

Boots (Winter)
Acrylic on Canvas

I will paint your shoes!

I will paint your shoes!

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