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Tacoma School of the Arts (SOTA)

This exhibition displays the work from two classroom assignments executed by beginning and intermediate drawing students currently attending the Tacoma School of the Arts.

The images featuring Stadium High School reflect the community aspect of SOTA, which is at the heart of the school. As a part of the larger educational community, SOTA students supported the grand reopening of Stadium High School's 100th anniversary by illustrating the beloved architectural structure in pencil, pen and colored pencil. Students worked from photographs, enlarging them to scale and employing perspective techniques to assist in the creation of a three-dimensional structure on a two-dimensional surface. The work was exhibited at Stadium High School during the opening ceremonies.

The second set of images are from a beginning class assigned to complete interior perspective drawings from cathedrals. Within each image, students were asked to hide five objects, making them appear to belong in the image. Much like a "Where's Waldo" story, the viewer is invited to find the incorporated images. Materials used by the artists were pencil and colored pencil only.

All shows are presented by students charged with learning about curation and professional presentation of fine art to the public.

With Thanks to:
Barry at the Rosewood Cafe

Participating Artists
Elise Clark • Terri Placentia • Monika Scheffe

Kaitlyn Gregory
Cathedral Study
Pencil and Colored Pencil 2006

Chelsey Scheffe
Cathedral Study
Pencil 2006

Aimee Zhou
Cathedral Study
Pencil 2006

Aaron Carlisle
Cathedral Study
Pencil 2006

Chelsey Scheffe
Stadium Study
Graphite 2006

Selena Goodwin
Stadium Study
Pen on Paper 2006

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